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Frequently Asked Questions
Does a team have to be all the same category?
No, teams can be mixed categories ie any mix of R/C, W/C, M/B, or W/O. However, to qualify for team awards the team must all be the same category.
What happens if a team member pulls out before race day due to injury or other situation and no replacement can be found? Can the team still enter?
Yes, ideally teams will always consist of 3 members, but we would never preclude a team of 2 or even 1 taking part at the last minute due to injuries etc.
Does the team have to stick together on the route?
No, individuals go at their own pace and team position is based on the third member's finishing position not time.
How important is the team steward and what do they do?
Vital, team stewards are very important for event safety and marshaling especially over such a long route. We need help for water stations, road marshaling, start registration and other jobs too.
Can mountain bike categories change from mountain bike to road bike at Garva Bridge?
No, mountain bikers can only change wheels or tyres at Garva.
Do we have to pay for the camping at Kincraig?
No, there is free camping in the fete field (a basic farm field) with water, loos and showers provided.
Can I visit Badaguish to see the place?
Absolutely - call the Centre and we'd be delighted to welcome you for a look round and a cuppa!