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Information for the Challenge - Page 3


Marshaled Water Stations on the hill section.
  • at the Deer Fence (approx 2.5m)
  • at Blackburn (approx 5.5m)
  • at Uchdachan Burn (approx 7m)
  • at the Summit (approx 10m)
  • at Melgarve (approx 13.5m)
  • at Garva Bridge Changeover (17m)

Marshaled Water Stations on the road cycle section.

  • at Laggan junction (approx 23.5m)
  • at the level crossing in Kingussie (approx 33m)
  • at the finish at Kincraig (43m)
There are also manned radio check points across the whole route - give your competitor number when asked

Road Marshals and Signs: are provided at each major road junctions/crossings ie Ardachy, Laggan, Newtonmore, Kingussie, Loch Insh and Kincraig - please follow their instructions.

Cattle grids: the first part of road cycle section will have only partial covers (approx road width)

Water/Snacks: carefully consider carrying your own and enough to be self-sufficient!

Track/Road conditions: the hill has some steep, rocky and eroded sections (which are very technical for bikers) and require great care. Bikers may be required to carry bikes over difficult terrain.

The road sections are all in good condition with some undulating sections!

Remember – No helmet - No Cycle!!

Railway Crossing: The cycle route includes a railway level crossing which may be closed for several minutes when trains pass - be prepared to wait!

Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team: The CMRT Vehicle will be located at the bottom of the Zig Zag section.

  • Display your event number clearly at all times, know it, and be prepared to shout it out when asked
  • Pay strict attention to marshals and the route-marking
  • Stay on the hill track where possible, observe the Country Code and take care - erosion and flood damage have made certain sections of the Pass very difficult
  • Walkers must plan to be at Garva BY 4PM or accept a lift and allow hill-safety stations to stand down
  • Road Cyclists must be aware of other road users
  • If you have a known Medical Condition, please write the details on the back of your competitor number at Registration and mark the front with a large X (pens will be available)