1st Purple Gladiators
2nd Allocated R/C Team 3 4:19:04
3rd Allocated R/C Team 4 4:32:16
4th The Purple Bella Ends 4:41:09
5th Bella Buzzcocks 4:41:29
6th Allocated R/C Team 2 4:58:31
7th HELP Youth Squad 4:59:29
8th Eternal Cross Country 5:00:31
9th Not Just Eye Candy 5:05:40
10th Till Hill Uphill 5:10:00
11th Team Horsebox 5:19:22
12th Run, Bike, Pint 5:24:53
13th ATCE FORCE 5:50:12
14th The 3 Spartans 6:02:26
15th Paisley Boys 6:24:47
16th Bellas The Pits 6:39:54
Please note: As in previous years the team places are calculated on the finishing place and time of the last team member home