1st Magic Roundabout 4:43:48
2nd 2 Blokes + A Bird 4:57:56
3rd CaMaCo 5:13:19
4th TRIPTYCH 5:20:45
5th Purple Haze 5:29:25
6th Corrie Crackers 5:37:00
7th Guid Neebours 5:40:02
8th Bennachie Bashers  5:40:25
9th Resilient Scots 5:44:10
10th Female Fat and Forty 5:49:21
11th Culter Crew Returns 5:49:27
12th Chivas 5:50:50
13th Bella Gazelles 5:50:51
14th Wheelie Fast Team 5:52:39
15th Eddie's Eagles 5:55:53
16th Brigadoon Harriers 6:15:07
17th Like Peas in a Pod 6:21:06
18th Sign here for what? 6:21:56
19th Jammy Little Francers 6:26:09
20th bella guys n one gal 6:39:26
21st Dundee Plodders 6:40:34
22nd Warehouse Wildcats 6:44:02
23rd The Auld Alliance 6:44:39
24th EARS 6:51:44
Please note: As in previous years the team places are calculated on the finishing place and time of the last team member home