1st Squadra Porcini/Mono 3:15:23
2nd Deeside Thistle Champs 4:27:09
3rd Fellowship   ofthe Rims 4:41:41
4th Pie Eaters Anonymus 4:43:00
5th The Old Gits 4:43:03
6th Hill Ghillies 4:54:47
7th Doolittle 5:05:59
8th SGL Carbon Fibers 5:09:44
9th It's Cyclelogical 5:16:16
10th T - unMobile  5:27:59
11th Barrs Irn Crew 5:28:58
12th The Golden oldie's 5:39:27
13th The Cardi Macrests 5:39:32
14th Pavlov's Mice 5:41:40
15th SST 5:50:45
16th Fat, Dumb and Happy 5:53:10
17th Inachoobs 5:53:12
18th Crab Cocktail 5:56:31
19th Two Engineers & a little Banker 6:04:05
20th BIG DOGS 6:05:15
21st No Quarter 6:09:20
22nd Bongo Wheelers 6:48:31
23rd Sare Bosch (Rexroth) 6:53:16
24th Wandering Boltoners  6:57:18
25th St Andrew Soc Belfast 6:58:19
26th Rexroth High Torque 8:23:05
Please note: As in previous years the team places are calculated on the finishing place and time of the last team member home